Is there any REAL LIFE chia calculator

which considers:

  • electricity cost - because lets be real - our farmers runs just for chia (at least mine)
  • wear of HDD and other PC components? (because that older server would be turned off if no chia and I think that it must be lowering its lifespan)

does anybody of you calculated a realistic minimal chia price when it is good to continue or is there any complex calculator - I haven’t googled anything like that…

I dont think there is any calculator that accurately counts electricity for Chia.
For GPU this is easy because the energy consumption is known. But with different setups for chia, it wont be very accurate.

I just calculate it myself. Have a kwh on the system so i know the cost.

I didnt calculate a minimum value, i’m hodling anyway, so no point calculating current price.

Im getting about 0,05 XCH per day or 1,6 per month. Electricity is expensive here.
0,24kW x 24h x 0,28$ x 30days ~ 50$ per month.
So XCH would have to drop below 30$ for electricity to be more than earnings.

You are right that your hardware also has wear, and depreciation. Although wear is mostly limited to hdd’s.

Depreciation wise you might just count total system cost over 10 years.
In my case 8K, lets say after 10 years only worth 1K, so 7K depreciated.
Over 10 years thats about $60 per month.

So that would mean total montly cost is about $110 for me. Add a few failed hhd’s along the way, lets call it $130 per month.

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Talk about contradicting yoursef :rofl: :rofl:

Very first Google hit?

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lol that has been updated quite a bit since I last looked 4 months ago :+1:

oh man… how did you googled it? :smiley:
@Voodoo - good idea with price of PC / 10 years - it makes sense