Is this normal..? 80 days of last block..?

hey guys… my last block was 80 days ago… is this normal…? my max day was 60… in this period i was very unlucky…? and finally what is the meaning of “effort %318”


That means that you are roughly 3x with your ETW, hardly a reason to be concerned. Several of us hit 5-8x (just search the forum).

If you were getting your blocks before, and you didn’t touch your setup, so you don’t suspect some kind of degradation, you are good.

Although, which chia version are you running?

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yes i found blocks before many times and never touched the setup…my chia version is latest one…1.4.0… i am always keep up-to-date…so it is time to wait again…

Last win 19 March, although I did increase plots a few times between then and now

19 March ETW 1 month, 30 May I hit 2 weeks and 6 days, currently at 18 days

Luckily I’m pooling so slowly ticking up, but would still be nice to have those 0.25XCH every now and again.

I have never joined a pool.
Does your comment imply that when you are in a pool that you do not get the 0.25 XCH?

Ronski is just saying that he/she gets regular payouts through the pool so the importance of hitting blocks is less.

It’s still nice in a pool to get the occasional block & the 0.25XCH to bump up winnings having not found a block in March with ETW of 1 month

I do get the 0.25 when I find a block, I just haven’t found a block since March.

As I’m pooling I know my system is working properly, so it’s just bad luck. I actually found two blocks in March, but that was after a six month spell without finding any, with an ETW of 2 months.

So with pooling, you get a slice of the pie when anyone in the pool wins a block?
But you get the 0.25 cut, only when it was your plot that won the block?

Yes, when pooling the pool gets the 1.75 XCH, the pool operator takes a tiny percentage, and the rest is shared out pro-rata based on how much space each member is farming. The person that found the block gets to keep the 0.25 XCH.

Over time it works out about the same as solo farming, less the pool operators tiny cut, but it means you can see your farm is working and have regular income.

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Chia should have adopted a consistent reward policy based on your contribution. This luck based system is very frustrating. During such long periods of no reward you doubt the integrity of your farm. I have given up on self pooling now.

It appears to be the same with any Crypto though.

and block found after 88 days… :wink: so there is nothing wrong with my side except my luck… :wink:

thanx guys.


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Congrats, 127 days, or 18 weeks and 1 day since my last win, currently on 17 days ETW, got to have some wins soon.

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