It costs over $20 to transfer ETH from

Tonight I was looking at ENS ( and thought I might give it a try for a brandable domain I’ve been holding onto. So I transfer $100 CAD into my account. No problem. Then I buy .03 ETH. No problem.

Then I go to transfer it to a MetaMask wallet since I want to use a key I control and that’s a wallet I’ve seen in docs / tutorials, but I notice the amount I’m going to get is .0022 with a .008 fee. I could hardly believe it, but their fee schedule is here. It’s .008 to transfer ETH to an external wallet. Or, based on the current price of $2690 USD, a $21.50 transaction fee.

Is that normal? WTF!?

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The alternative to international banking :rofl:

I saw similar fees last time i transferred eth, crazy stuff

Right now a transaction that would likely get confirmed in just over a minute (71 seconds) would cost $1.06

Exchanges pad the fees for a few reasons…

1 - You pay $21.50, they pay $1.06 and profit $20.44
2 - The network fee changes so I guess it is easier for them to just create a fixed fee? It is not just ETH. Binance has a BTC fee of 0.00050000 BTC ($18) and has a fee of 0.00100000 BTC ($36).



absolutely normal. I recommend you using kraken instead, transfer fees are fair.

Thanks. I was having trouble figuring out what the on-blockchain fees would actually be. Between eth, gas, gwei and the huge difference in price I figured I was missing something.

I’ve been pretty disappointed with crypto as I’ve been learning. It’s basically unusable as a currency and the blockchain tech that’s interesting is completely ruined by locking it behind an adult version of vBucks that my government (Canada) treats like an investment (security).

I transferred from Meta to Coinbase and was not thrilled, but OK with, the ~$1 to send the ETH to Coinbase. Less pleased when I found on Coinbase charged me $3 to receive it.