Its okay to have plots on NAS?

Its okay to storage plots on NAS and mount the drive to my host, or will it be to slow?

I believe most people who have tried this have found it is too slow. If you set your log level to INFO you can look in the logs to see the response times you are receiving.

It is kinda-sorta OK for one NAS device. The more NAS’es you add the worse the variability will become. If you do use a NAS set it up in the simplest possible manner, no RAID, no fancy anything, just simple disks connected.

In general you should avoid NAS and go with JBOD attached via USB (or similar extremely simple method). That is best for Chia.

Okay, so bunch of USB externel drives will be okay? right now i’m plotting to NAS and mount it so its farming based on mount it to my PC

Yes this works as well. If you are running out of USB ports on your motherboard you can get a USB hub and extend it that way.

So USB hub its fine? or will you recommend PCI-E USB expander?

PCIe adapter will give you better bandwidth but it doesn’t matter for farming so go with the whatever is cheaper.