Join the waitlist of the first Chia farming pool!

Before I start to give you more details, I want to warn you that all pools that currently operate work by using a hacked Chia client and the private keys of their users including hpool. Which means that these pools could just steal the balance of your wallet if they wanted to. NEVER give anyone your private keys, no matter what.

Our project will wait for Chia to officially support pools and get started once the code is published. We already rented several servers in the US and EU to provide our users with the quickest possible connection speed. You can join the waitlist to get notified about further developments and once the pool goes live.

We will not only offer a mining pool, but plan to create an active and engaging community including a forum and a live chat, where people can get help regarding technical problems or just hang out together. We also aim to charge the lowest fees of all pools, and will update you with the definitive rate before we start.

We have many ideas to make the farming process as nice as possible, like a simple web interface that shows you your farming result and status, which you can check on your mobile device. Additionally, we also want to use a part of the pool fees to create a monthly bonus system, where a random farmer of the pool gets a windfall of several XCH at once. This should encourage also smaller farmers to take part in the pool, and give them every week/month the chance to make some big gains.

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Hello, Welcome. Unofficially, what will your fee structure be? What are going to be your rates per TiB Farmed per day?

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I like the bonus system. Good incentive there :grin:

How can you claim to be the first Chia farming pool? There are several sites with waitlist sign-ups