Just found 3 blocks in 10 days

Just upgraded to 1.3.1 and I was looking around a bit and then i noticed I had won 3 blocks, March 7, 10 and 16. wow, haha

Just wanted to post this because when I look back in the history of blocks found (on 224 TiB):

  • 23 July 2021
  • 19 dec 2021 x2
  • 28 jan 2022
  • 7 march 2022
  • 10 march 2022
  • 16 march 2022

So first block was about 2 weeks after joining a pool :sweat_smile:
Then there was a 5 month! gap of not finding anything
Now in just 4 months time found 6 blocks

Goes to show just how random it is. Still need to find 4-5 more in the next 4 months though to average out for 1 full year. (not that it really matters too much, pooling anyway but the extra rewards are still nice)


As you can see its still all a bunch of Voodoo and luck


I also had extra wins around that time (Mar 4 - Mar 11). So, maybe that was not just randomness.

There are two things going on right now. First is that the net space is slowly contracting (not enough to produce those results), The other one is the ongoing dust storm. Maybe some farms are more affected, and just don’t submit proofs on time when there is more transactions to be processed?

By the way, if you didn’t dispose your XCH yet, neither added more by purchasing, what is your ratio of “Wallets / Spendable Balance” to “Farm / Block Rewards”? Mine is around 5 right now (thanks mostly to those wins in Mar). On average it should be 8. Lower than that means that either you are more lucky, or your pool is not paying properly. Higher, the opposite. Of course, the more wins you have, the closer it should be to 8, so it may be more predictive for bigger farms (over 1 or 10 PB or so).

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Luck abounds… Finally found a block on Sunday with 350TB after about 4 months… Solo mining here… Last block was in June, but I shut down from August-November due to traveling. Need to find about 4 more soon to come close to average.

I had an ETW of 2 months, took six months from my last win to win another block, then won another just 10 days later, although I have increased my farm size recently.

8 blocks in 35 days… in New pool.


It’s all luck but I have noticed hitting blocks is higher during the dust storms. Must be still knocking farms offline or slowing them down.

Could be, My farmer is pretty overpowered compared to some setups, using my former plotter as farmer (dual xeon E5-2680v2)