K32 and K33 plotting time

Maybe it is answered somewhere else but -

Will one K33 plotting using 4 threads cost less double time than two K32 plotting using 2 threads?

  • Inetl i7-10700k 8 cores/16 threads
  • 64GB DDR4 RAM
  • NVMe SSD1 WD Blue SN550 1 TB
  • NVMe SSD2 WD Blue SN550 2 TB

SSD1 for example:

phase1 13274 seconds
phase2 5157  
phase3 12097  
phase4 1339  
total time 31867 

SSD2 for example:

phase1 16528 seconds
phase2 5448
phase3 14493
phase4 2201
total time 38670

I’m a newbie, I set 3 K32 plotting in SSD1 and 5 K32 plotting in SSD2 with 45 minutes staggered. But the SSD2 plotting is slower 1-2hour than SSD1. What is the best plotting strategy for this computer? Thank you!

Try it out and let us know the experience for your hardware setup!

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I suggest you start with K32

  • 4 parallel plots for SSD1. Let’s call it A1-A4
  • 4 parallel plots for SSD2. Lets call it B1-B4

A1 > 45 min > B1 > 45 min > A2 >…>B4
You get my point.
This way we can minimize the variable, and see the apple to apple result.

Then, you can try with K33.

Thank you, I’ll try it