Keep going or join a pool

Currently getting around 7 plots a day, sitting on 205 plots. Is it worth it to keep going? Also once pools released, will we have to re plot? And how how do I go about joining one?


Yes you will need to replot

technical video, but it shows some of the GUI in development.

you create a pool NFT and when creating plots you tie the pool NFT to the plot. This link is there forever.
later you can have the pool NFT point to a pool, and rewards will go to that pool and you gain “points” at the pool for participation and the pool will pay you XCH in ratio of your points versus all pool participants points.

you can switch the pool NFT 30 minutes the earliest after the last switch to another pool, or yourself if you want to solo farm the plots tied to the pool NFT.

You will be able to both farm old plots (solo) and new pool plots (solo or pool) at the same time.

Have you won any block reward with 200 plots ?

Nope still havent won