Large drop in total netspace

Has anyone noticed the large drop in Total Netspace? As of right now its 28.865 EiB, which is almost 4 EiB just a week or so ago. Anyone have any theories as to the reason for the large drop?

Perhaps for some farmers the price of $33 is unacceptable and they took a vacation (shorter or longer)…
Or the HW is being retuned, or there may be a failure behind it.
Although about 2,000 miners in the pools can be seen leaving in about 2 weeks (about 47.5 k miners left)…
Notably, 2.5 EiB flowed away from NoSSD.

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Why has the price of chia dropped so much?

Have you watched Bitcoin pricing the last week?
Down 10% or so from it’s peak - and Chia pricing tends to UNDERPERFORM Bitcoin pricing.

some big nossd miner dropped. If replotting or permanently who knows.
Pricedrop… next war comming?

Small miners are being squeezed out. It’s not profitable to mine at this price if you’re not using the latest compression. Price and netspace usually go hand in hand, so I believe it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

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my farms are switched off - 700TB. the only good way to get Chia coins is buy it. Farming is pointless. and Chia company? what they do?


Yes, if you do the math, it’s better to buy XCH than HDD. But that’s not it, it’s more interesting to have a farm, which is probably only for hobbyists!

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nossd is the one dropping netspace Chia (XCH) PoST | Mining Pools

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Do we know why? Perhaps an Iranian miner?

If we are guessing, I guess that nossd v3 is going live soon with 2EB start up

2 EiB, or somewhere between 2 to 4 EiB, although surely it will take some time to plot that lot even with a lot of plotters.

Is there any problem with nodes and pools?
Fork? 10k miners dropped?



My first time:



I already know why - pools have been removed from the statistics. But that doesn’t explain my problem…


And I already have the culprit!

Time users currently facing service disruption, no estimated time for recovery | The Star

Netspace has still not recovered. Has anyone heard what the issue is? Even if some big farmer decided to switch, they won’t take exabytes of capacity offline all at the same time.

I hope you leave all, so I can farm more! No financial advise!

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Actually the top nossd miner is back now with 2EB

Netspace is back to 31.1 EiB and NoSSD almost back up to 11 EiB again.

Yes, exactly… Capacity is back!

Only about 0.8 EiB (NoSSD) is missing.

Most of the lost seems to have been some sort of short-term issue with a few whales (or a whale and a few smaller farmers).
Too early to tell yet if that accounts for all of it.