List of active Chia forks

The list contains active and unconfirmed Chia forks. The risks are everywhere if you are going to join these Chia altcoins. Every small detail has been added.

This is better for looking, DYOR and beware of scam.

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any fork using NFT Plots?

I think avocado, flora and hddcoin. they got the pool feature in the gui.
and maybe silicoin

wow. comprehensive listing. great work.

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As of right now only flax is close, but no cigar, major effort by design of chia-net to make it near impossible to run the new NFT plots on clones;

Just another reason why NFT is just plain stupid, with classic OG plots the entire world of shit-clones is your oyster.

Shamrock launches on July 29th. 100% Community Owned and No Prefarm:

Check out, in that coin the problem of receiving only 1/8 of rewards using NFT plots doesn’t exist. The solution to this problem that’s slowly starting to grow on almost all other forks was so simple, it’s amazing how long it took for someone to figure it out :slight_smile:

You can also trade it already on, of course do your own research before using any new exchanges. All I can say is I managed to withdraw 0.05 XCH just now, after some email delays that made me really suspicious at first.

I also created a poll for voting and suggesting an improvement for the next SRN version.

We always listen to our community, so please let us know what you want!

Tell us the problem and it’s very nice if you can suggest us a solution.

Vote on Reddit: Voting for the next SRN update version : farmShamrock

Mate i really want to thank you for sharing with us all this results of your efforts !!!

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