Log analysis tool, anyone want to develop?

Hello everyone, it would be nice with the help of those who chew these languages well, to create a tool that allows you to analyze various types of logs.
I give some examples:

  • From the Debug.log file selectively extract single information such as slow plots, warnings, info, specific errors
  • Chia plots check, create a selective summary of plots with certain characteristics and decide whether to test a subset (for example the unprofitable ones) with 100 tests instead of 30, and if they are still not profitable, delete them.
    I think it is relatively simple to create something that is suitable for these needs, so as to perfectly monitor our farms over time.
    @Pengor :slight_smile:

Something like this?

it’s called farmr.net

No, something more targeted to the various analyzes …
For example … if you wanted to automatically check 10k plots and have an exploitable report …

thats a plot analysis tool

or this?

I assume you tagged me because of my work on the Chia Log Analysis tool? If there’s specific data you’d like parsed out of the plot log files I could look into adding it to that tool. It’s probably outside the scope of the tool to parse other files, and I’m not too familiar with the debug log file.

Also, per your second bullet, I’m not sure if looking at plots through a “profitability” lens makes sense. Most of my plots have never won a block (i.e. 0% profitable) but they could win at some point in the future, so I’m not going to delete them based on that.

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survival of the fittest plots

All plots are equally fit. Their performance on the deterministic samples run by plot check is not truly reflective of their long-term profitability.


i know that, i was being facetious. :slight_smile:
Worth the comment though, because the plot check doesn’t do what people think it does i suspect. it does NOT grade plots. just makes sure the lookup process works against them.


Has anyone modified ChiaDog to receive ERROR or WARNING notifications in the log via telegram / discord?

Were you satisfied with the projects that people submitted here? Or did you still have something slightly different in mind. I am considering taking on a project like this, as I had a great time working my on last “easy” Chia script project

I’m not “satisfied”, I have other ideas in mind but I don’t have the knowledge to program … If you want we can write to us :wink: