Looking for a partner for chia plotting

Hi, I am looking for a partner who can do Chia plotting on their own devices and provide the necessary upload requirements so that we can upload to the storage section in a short time.

The operations to be carried out by me are transferring the plotted files to the storage area, starting the harvesting process and automating these processes.


A machine with Ubuntu 20.04 operating system, capable of plotting in a short time, and meeting the requirement for uploading the plot file in a short time.

Why Am I Looking For A Partner?

Although the current system is suitable for plotting, it does not meet the required upload requirement for transferring the plot file. So my upload value is terrible.

Storage and other automations will be provided by me and you can contact me for detailed information.

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You do know that today you can create a plot in 2 - 6 minutes?
If you have a bad upload line then the download (for such sizes) won’t be usable either.

Find someone who lives in the area. Then you can swap around 4-5 hdd full every 2-3 days.

It’s not about physical storage, I’m talking about cloud storage.

he meant that he is talking about the cloud storage not the physical storage

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I’m hoping someone might be able to help with this. I want to run the Chis Plots Check command, but with several thousand plots on multiple servers, I don’t want to have to scroll through thousands of lines of code to get to the plots with errors. I asked ChatGPT & it gave me this:

./chia.bin plots check -n 30 | grep -B 1 “ERROR”

It said this also:

"This command will run the plot check and then use grep to search for lines containing “ERROR”. The -B 1 flag tells grep to also print one line before the match, which usually contains the plot’s filename.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of this command depends on how errors are logged in the Chia output. The log messages and their format can vary between versions of Chia, so you might need to adjust the grep pattern accordingly."

Does anyone have something that will ONLY output the plots with errors, so I can only see those?

My Windows version has no “chia.bin” file.
Is that a Linux-only file?

You can run:

chia plots check 2> somefile.txt

…and then grep that file, or use any tools you want on that file.

You could pipe the output to some tool, instead of redirecting the output to a file.
But having the output in a file would probably make for a more useful outcome.

It will take a long time to run. You can speed it up with the “-n” opttion.

chia plots check -n 5 2> somefile.txt

The default “-n” value is 30 (30 checks for each plot).
So “n -5” will get the job done in 1/6th the time (and “5” is the lowest valid value for the “-n” option). But will “n -5” miss a plot with an error that you are seeking? I don’t think so. But “n -5” is a less thorough check.

Lastly, you will have to run your check on each harvester box.

Hi eroya,

What means a got Uploud, have already 110 Mbits of Upload fast enought ?


I have multiple plotters that can do around 2.5-3min per plot, each (nossd C15).
My internet connection is gigabit (fiber), the upload is probably limited at half, around 500mbit most likely. But it will depend a lot on the destination, there might be different speeds depending on the destination.
Reach out to me if you’d like to discuss.

Assuming the upload is 1Gbps, a 100G K32 still requires 1000 s / 17 min, don’t see why you need to finish the plot in a short time. Your bottleneck is uploading, not plotting