Looking for help choosing a setup

Hello, I am currently plotting on my i9 11900 2.5 ghz 8c/16t. 32gb ram. with samsung 980 pro 2tb.

But i dont feel the processor and ram is enough for what i m trying to achieve. I already have 2 more 980 2tb’s. So i think about upgrading my pc or buying a new one. Considering the prices;

Ryzen 3970x has 32c/64t’s from my research it could be one of the best for plotting. But i am new to mining so i could be wrong. Really appreciate your thoughts on that. It is very pricey and i have to upgrade my ram to at least 128 gb. But i want to. If that will really make a great difference. both in plotting time and parallel plot numbers. Of course i could go for 5950x. Which is cheaper.

Also i have the option to choose some workstation pc’s. They are already assembled and some companies are selling it. They have x2 intel xeon processors (2x Intel Xeon Silver 4214R (24 Core) (2.40GHz, 3.50GHz Turbo, 16.5MB) i dont have much idea about intel xeon, but i think those are some older versions considering their prices. Or they could be for workstation pc’s. And i dont have much information on them.

What should i go for? i have 3 2tb samsung 980 pros. Want to plot on all 3 of them on the same pc. Those were my research. If you have better recommendations please shoot.

Thank you in advance.

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same question about the work station build.
looking for recommendation