Looking for Plotman Config Optimisations

Hi Everyone,

Looking to try optimise my plotman config and really just wanted to get other peoples opinions / ideas as well.

Currently the rig I am using is:
Strix x570-F Gaming
Ryzen 5950x
64GB DDR4 3600Mhz
1x Samsumg PM983 3.84TB m.2
1x Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2TB m.2
1x Samsung 950 Pro 512GB (Old NVMe :D)

The current plotman config I am running is this:

        use_stty_size: True

# Where to plot and log.
        log: /home/user/chia/logs

                # PM983
                - /mnt/temp1 
                # 2TB Evo Plus
                - /mnt/temp2
                # 512Gb 950 Pro
                - /mnt/temp3

        # Optional: Allows overriding some characteristics of certain tmp
        # directories. This contains a map of tmp directory names to
        # attributes. If a tmp directory and attribute is not listed here,
        # it uses the default attribute setting from the main configuration.
        # Currently support override parameters:
        #     - tmpdir_max_jobs
                # In this example, /mnt/tmp/00 is larger than the other tmp
                # dirs and it can hold more plots than the default.
                        tmpdir_max_jobs: 5
                        tmpdir_max_jobs: 1

        # Optional: tmp2 directory.  If specified, will be passed to
        # chia plots create as -2.  Only one tmp2 directory is supported.
        # tmp2: /mnt/tmp/a

        # One or more directories; the scheduler will use all of them.
        # These again are presumed to be on independent physical devices,
        # so writes (plot jobs) and reads (archivals) can be scheduled
        # to minimize IO contention.
                - /mnt/farm1/plots
                - /mnt/farm2/plots

# Plotting scheduling parameters
        # Run a job on a particular temp dir only if the number of existing jobs
        # before tmpdir_stagger_phase_major tmpdir_stagger_phase_minor
        # is less than tmpdir_stagger_phase_limit.
        # Phase major corresponds to the plot phase, phase minor corresponds to
        # the table or table pair in sequence, phase limit corresponds to
        # the number of plots allowed before [phase major, phase minor]
        tmpdir_stagger_phase_major: 2
        tmpdir_stagger_phase_minor: 1
        # Optional: default is 1
        tmpdir_stagger_phase_limit: 1

        # Don't run more than this many jobs at a time on a single temp dir.
        tmpdir_max_jobs: 6

        # Don't run more than this many jobs at a time in total.
        global_max_jobs: 14

        # Don't run any jobs (across all temp dirs) more often than this, in minutes.
        global_stagger_m: 30

        # How often the daemon wakes to consider starting a new plot job, in seconds.
        polling_time_s: 20

        k: 32
        e: False             # Use -e plotting option
        n_threads: 12         # Threads per job
        n_buckets: 128       # Number of buckets to split data into
        job_buffer: 3800     # Per job memory

I appreciate any help, just want to make sure I am making full use of the system :smiley: