Low Price NOW = Good!

Lower price correlates to lower difficulty and higher yield of the coin.

I don’t want $20,000 today when I have no XCH and everyone is mining it, so I can’t yield much.

I want $2 so no one farms it, difficulty is low, and yield is high.

I believe in Chia, so a low price NOW is good.

If you want easy money, go GPU mine. I say this as someone mining 540 mh/s on ETH. I’ll tell you this, I don’t HODL my ETH.

My friends who went for the “easy money” in gpu farming, are $30-50k in, with no ROI in sight.

If they paid MSRP, they can still ROI in 9-12 months depending on which cards they bought. RTX 3070’s can pull in about $90/month as of today’s prices and network difficulty, and you can pick them up for $750-900.

Unfortunately, at $4500+ ETH price, or when network difficulty fell ~25% recently due to China, some people got a bit overzealous and went in on overpriced cards.

Anyhow, I am excited for Chia. Will happily buy more HDD if price collapses and difficulty follows.