Mad Max Config - Temp Drives Full

I’ve got a two drive setup 256GB SSD (-t) and 4TB NVME (-2) with MM set to move the finished plot to a third slow drive. This seems to work quite well, but the 256GB drive fills up with temp files from the second plot attempt, as well as a copy of the 1st Plot, which seems to be moved, but not be deleted in the old location. Are there any settings that ensure the drives clear prior plot data once the transfer has been completed so that the ongoing plots don’t pause/stop? Many thanks for the assistance.

Is this a case of too much speed plotting? The plot remains in the temp1 drive until it has been successfully copied to the final drive, then it is deleted. However, you may be plotting so fast effectively your plotting catches up with the copying to final and therefore runs out of space.

Making the temp 1 drive bigger would only delay the onset of the problem. You either need to improve the speed of copying to final, or slow down plotting by allocating fewer threads, which might give the copying time to happen.

There is a option in MM to wait for plot to finish copy before starting new one. Check the instructions on github.

Is The 4tb drive much faster? Otherwise just use that as temp1, problem solved

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Thanks, yes I saw the -w command that would make the new plot wait for transfer, but was trying to figure out how to avoid that delay. The 4TB is a PCIE4 drive, so yes way faster. My understanding was that it was better to use the faster drive as the -2 drive?

What I think I’m going to do is bang together a couple of old SSDs to form a larger -t drive that might give more time to clear before the next plot is finished. Then if that doesn’t work I’ll try the fast drive alone and see how that compares for time.

You can also use your 4TB PCIE4 for -t and -2, which saves you a lot of trouble and probably makes plotting faster…

256 GB is not enough to hold k32 temporary file.
You need about 270 GB. I can create only one plot with 500 GB samsung SSD and 3 plots with 1 TB m2 SSD.