MadMax always pause in any phase.... Whats Happen?

Hello everybody here, im start to plots few days ago, have two machines with seem CPU (5950x), seem Ram (128Gb 3200 Mhz) and same nvme (2Tb 980 Pro) to use with temporal disk when i ploting. So normally i run the chia client open admin powershell and write the next comand

chia_plot.exe -n 5 -r 16 -t D:\ -d F:…

One of this machines run constant 100 plot in less of two day, now the times go in 26 or 36 minutes , increase after time using the machine. but the most powerfull machine have problem with mad max, cant sleep well because wake up to pulse enter and see how to continue ploting but do it again during the ploting time runing.

Help please, is very peace off now keep it here all day pulse enter or space, any fix for that?

this command only makes 5 plots then stops, to keep going you can use -n with higher number or -1 to keep going until you quit.

If that’s not the problem, it could be powershell, I’ve had it freeze for unexplained reasons sometime. You could try normal cmd command line and see how that goes?

It’s not unexplained, I don’t even use chia or madmax on windows and I’ve seen dozens of posts on these forums and the subreddit recommending disabling quick edit and insert modes in PowerShell to prevent exactly this when you accidentally click/highlight in the PowerShell window.

ah ic, tnx. Let me rephrase then "pauses that I didn’t understand or bother to look up since I switched to Linux anyway :sweat_smile: "

You made the right choice :+1:

This is probably the right answer.

Here is what the command should look like :+1::

chia_plots.exe -n -1 -r 16 -t D:\ -d F:\ ...

I only added this because I think some people are just copying and pasting commands and don’t actually know what they do. Also because people are lazy, skim read, can’t understand english, or don’t want to think.

And why the -r 16?
Ur CPU has 32 threads.

Here is my test result.

Using 16 threads is actually faster than using 32 threads. This could be the reason why MadMax introduced -K to double the number of threads used in phase 2 which is the only phase benefiting from using all the threads available.

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Make sure you are trimming your ssds regularly - they can slow down with heavy use if not trimmed.

I try to use macros but came limited and not works after 1 hour or many keystrokes. I dont know how to use linux but think learn. And try

Hi, yes i use this tool in windows every week. Thanks for u reply

Doesnt matter if is 5 plots or 50 plots, the point is sometimes powershell pause the process and I need to stay chack and put soace or enter to reactivate the ploting process

On a drive being used for plotting it should probably run several times a day - I have a task scheduler job set up that runs it about once and hour

When it is paused does the window title say “Select Windows PowerShell”? If so you should hit esc then right click on the title bar, select properties, and then turn off “Quick Edit Mode”. PowerShell automatically suspends if the window is clicked in with this enabled, which may be what you are seeing

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Thank u so much work perfect

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Dude, now u owe him a beer

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