Madmax Budget Build

Hello guys and gals,

I am about to build budget one.

Asus z490p prime
G skill tridentz royal 2x16gb ddr4 4000mhz cl16
2x 1tb wd black sn750 (noraid)

First of all 30-40 plots are ok for my long term hdd investment. but I have some questions in my head.

1- what is the role of ram in the madmax plotter? I know about ram disk. but 32gb not enough. so what is the optimal ram size for 8c 16t cpu on madmax plotter?
2- what is the role of the bucket size? its written in github 0.5gb ram for every thread on 256 bucket. but what if 128 - 512 or any other 2^x? for example if i set to 128 will it be 1gb ram for every thread or 0.25gb?
3- If i wont use ramdisk does it matter to use 32gb ram?

Thank you for all :slight_smile:

If you’re calling it “Madmax build” it’d have 128GB at least.

why? i wont use any ramdisk daily 3-4tb enough for me. I wont have 500tb space. After the pools open, plotting my 100tb space in 25 days will be ok for me. I think some people (not mean you) missunderstand the project. if i will buy 18tb monthly, it will cost 5 days to plot it. why should i need 50-60 plots per day builds.

played around wir the bucket-sizes on 4-Core-Machines with different Raidsets:
One with SATA-SSD in Raid 0 the Other with HDD in Raid 0…
bucketsize of 32, 64 and 128 generates all exactly the same Output. Dont know what about 256.
So if you dont have enough ram for a ramdisk… 16GB for 16Threads should be more than enough!

Experimented with different Ram-Caches to use the free memory of myplotter… worthless. No difference in speed! But:
If you use the Free RAM as Diskcache it seems that the Wear on SSD drops a bit…but not mutch.
Buy REALY mutch RAM or invest the Money in more Drives or Cores. IMHO!

Then it’s just a budget build.

Thank you :slight_smile:
one more question i have 2x1TB wd black sn 750. is there any difference between using same (i mean 1 piece) nvme for both temp or should i use 2 different for temp1 and temp2?