Madmax command line syntax


I am trying to figure out how to use the madmax plotter, via the command line.
I could not find any video tutorials, and searching for an answer in this forum’s search tool gave all kinds of madmax related results, but I saw none for what I am seeking.

c:\chia plotters --help
gave me some basic info. But I still do not know how to do this.

How do you use madmax from the command line?
(I am running Chia version 1.2.11)

Thank you.

I got this from Bones awhile back

cd C:\Users\Moi\Desktop\madMAx43v3r_chia-plotter_win_v0.1.6-chives
.\chia_plot -n -1 -t “D:” -d “E:” -c “” -f “” -r 16
I use powershell to run these commands.
Top line is just directing the oc to the folder where you put mm after extracting it.
So I’m using ver 1.6
I know it says chives that’s just release version, I made all my nft plots this way and they win so its fine.

Thanks again Bones!!!

Extracting it? From where?
The GUI lists madmax as one of the choices for creating a plot. So whatever madmax needs must already be present.

From videos that I have watched, there was some extraction from github for older versions of Chia. But now Chia includes madmax.

I suspect that there is no extraction necessary for version 1.2.11, and there is probably some option to add to the command line to tell Chia to use madmax’s plotter.

But I am unsure of the above. It just seems logical that madmax is already installed since the GUI offers it.

Bones is talking about the version you download and put into a folder and run from command line. Not the madmax that built into the GUI now.

So the only way to run the madmax plotter via the command line is to download it and extract it and use the syntax you provided (from @Bones)?

chia_plot.exe -f farmerkey -c poolcontractkey -n -1 -r 12 -K 2 -u 256 -v 256 -t A:\TEMP1\ -2 A:\TEMP2\ -G -d T:\FINALDIR\

powershell for windows:

start plotting.ps1

invoke-expression ‘cmd /c start powershell -NoExit -Command {cd “C:\madMAx43v3r_chia-plotter_win_v0.1.6-chives”;$host.ui.RawUI.WindowTitle = “NFT PLOTTING”; start-sleep 0 ; .\chia_plot.exe -f farmerkey -c poolcontractkey -n -1 -r 12 -K 2 -u 256 -v 256 -t A:\TEMP1\ -2 A:\TEMP2\ -G -d T:\FINALDIR\ ;Read-Host -Prompt “press enter to exit”}’

parallel plotting.ps1

invoke-expression ‘cmd /c start powershell -NoExit -Command {cd “C:\madMAx43v3r_chia-plotter_win_v0.1.6-chives”;$host.ui.RawUI.WindowTitle = “NFT PLOTTING 1”; start-sleep 0 ; .\chia_plot.exe -f farmerkey -c poolcontractkey -n -1 -r 12 -K 2 -u 256 -v 256 -t A:\TEMP1\ -2 A:\TEMP2\ -G -d T:\FINALDIR\ ;Read-Host -Prompt “press enter to exit”}’
invoke-expression ‘cmd /c start powershell -NoExit -Command {cd “C:\madMAx43v3r_chia-plotter_win_v0.1.6-chives”;$host.ui.RawUI.WindowTitle = “NFT PLOTTING 2”; start-sleep 3000 ; .\chia_plot.exe -f farmerkey -c poolcontractkey -n -1 -r 12 -K 2 -u 256 -v 256 -t A:\TEMP1\ -2 A:\TEMP2\ -G -d T:\FINALDIR\ ;Read-Host -Prompt “press enter to exit”}’

** r: Set the number of cores.
** The second plotting will start after 3000 seconds. Set the duration. It should start after phase2 is over.**
** Stop the process at any time Ctrl+C ** For destroy process press Ctrl+C again**

I was not aware that “chia_plot.exe” was installed.

I found it burried in a madmax directory (that I did not know was there), and running:
chia_plot --help
…provides detailed help.

However, I still have questions:
– Why is there a “chia_plot.exe” and also a “chia_plot_k34.exe”?
I am asking, because their help output both state that they default to “k32”, and both offer options to choose “k33” or “k34”.

I am creating only k33 and k34 plots. So does it make any difference whether I run “chia_plot.exe” or “chia_plot_k34.exe”?

Download this. Extract it in C drive.

PS: don’t use -x

chia_plot [OPTION…]

-k, --size arg K size (default = 32, k <= 32)
-x, --port arg Network port (default = 8444, chives = 9699)
-n, --count arg Number of plots to create (default = 1, -1 = infinite)
-r, --threads arg Number of threads (default = 4)
-u, --buckets arg Number of buckets (default = 256)
-v, --buckets3 arg Number of buckets for phase 3+4 (default = buckets)
-t, --tmpdir arg Temporary directory, needs ~220 GiB (default = $PWD)
-2, --tmpdir2 arg Temporary directory 2, needs ~110 GiB [RAM] (default = )
-d, --finaldir arg Final directory (default = )
-w, --waitforcopy Wait for copy to start next plot
-p, --poolkey arg Pool Public Key (48 bytes)
-c, --contract arg Pool Contract Address (62 chars)
-f, --farmerkey arg Farmer Public Key (48 bytes)
-G, --tmptoggle Alternate tmpdir/tmpdir2 (default = false)
-K, --rmulti2 arg Thread multiplier for P2 (default = 1)
–help Print help

Madmax not support k33 or k34

My version of Chia (1.2.11) comes with “chia_plot.exe”
Why are you directing me to download additional software?

Your help screen reads:
-k, --size arg K size (default = 32, k <= 32)

My help screen reads:
-k, --size arg K size (default = 32, k <= 34)

And my GUI offers k32, k33, and k34.
I am assuming that you do not have a current version of madmax?

Can’t tell you why but when I used madmax in the GUI it was slower making a plot than when I used the downloaded madmax and ran it from the command line.

Madmax is an external program that one can compile from source.

The stotiks place at github has an already-compiled version for Windows.
It hasn’t been updated in a while, so K=32 is the highest for that one.

Chia since v 1.2.11 comes bundled with Madmax (and Bladebit), and supports higher K.

If you use the “chia plotters madmax (…)” please note some arguments don’t work as they are intended: -w, -G -2, -t and -d
It was fixed a few days after 1.2.11 was released.

If you use chia_plot.exe directly (in other words not the “chia plotters madmax (…)”) you should be fine.

I haven’t used Madmax to create higher-valued K files, so can’t help you with that.

I will probably use only the chia_plot.exe that came bundled with Chia version 1.2.11.
But just in case I want to use the “chia plotters madmax …” version, how do I know what the valid arguments are? Running “chia plotters --help” offers nearly no useful information.

chia plotters madmax -h

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