MadMax Compressed plots on demand!

MadMax Compressed plots on demand!

Price: 73,53$ per 40T in batches, about 0,17-0,19$ per plot, depending on the compression, 40T minimum.
Ploting speed: About 15T a day, depending on demand, IRL events and workload.
Downloading speed: 0,5Gbps, slow, but reliable, preferible through ssh or rsync. We can study alternatives.
Payment: Only crypto (XCH, ETH or ADA).
Payment process: Once we have the frist 2T or so ploted we will send you the ssh/rsync access, you can start downloadind and proceed to do the payment more or less at the same time, we will be happy to recieve a transaction ID of some sort.
What we need: An email, your Public key, your contract key and your desired compression lvl.

Thank you!


Can you do k33 ?

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Unfortunately no, need to improve the plotter, but not much, maybe in a couple of months I’ll can.


I can offer you K33 compressed at the aforementioned price if you are still interested.