Madmax plot time slows every 2nd plot

Hey there… GREAT forum btw :slight_smile:
I have been doing reading and I can’t seem to find any answers that I am looking for.
I have 2 systems, both pretty identical ish lol
The one I am having issues with didnt do this before
Intel i9 10850k 10core
64gb ram
2x 1.6 tb nvme EnmotusFuzedrive P200
So my plot times were from 36-39 min usually, but after restarting plotter to do things, I am noticing that the 1st plot is before average time but every second plot takes like 50-55 min… Very stranger I deleted old temp files before to see if it was issue but nothing. Anyone come across this before? Couldn’t find any anwers out there

Do you use this > ```
-G, --tmptoggle Alternate tmpdir/tmpdir2 (default = false)

if so, -t and -2 switch each plot. Perhaps one of your drives is lacking in some respect. This will occur esp. if -2 is not so good as the other

You might try reformatting and trim both drives to see if it helps.

That option is enabled on the GUI…