Madmax Plotting to Pools (-c variable)

A little confused. Here is what I know. You can/should use the -c variable instead of the -p variable when creating portable plots. But here is my confusion. Right now, I have not decided on which pool I want to join. My assumption was that I could just start making portable plots and then when I decide, assign those plots to the pool. My assumption was that I would just add a folder to the pool contract and any plot that showed up in that folder would be part of the pool. But now I don’t think that is correct. Do I need to assign the -c variable when creating the plot to make it part of the pool? Adding the -c variable makes me feel that plot will be assigned to that pool forever, but I know that isn’t right. I want to start making new plots but I don’t want to start running down the wrong road.

You definitely want to add -c, otherwise it is not a portable plot.

You can just create a NFT without a pool address attached to it

Step 3: Create Plot NFT

Once you have some XCH in your wallet, go to the pool tab, and click on “Add a Plot NFT”. You now have two options:

  1. Self pooling: this plot NFT will not be connected to any pools, and the 1.75 XCH will go directly into your wallet. This is different than OG (original) plots, since OG plots are locked in to self farming forever. From CLI: chia plotnft create -s local

To create a Plot NFT, use chia plotnft create -u , entering the URL of the pool you want to use. To create a plot NFT in self-farming mode, do chia plotnft create -s local

So you can just create plots with your own singleton and then assign them later if you want to. I haven’t tried but I guess these will still show up in the pools tab in the GUI

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OK, that makes sense. So I basically create a pool for me. Then plot for that pool. So, does that mean that whenever I join a pool, I have to change the Madmax command to plot for that pool? And what if I want to be part of multiple pools? Do I need to have a Madmax command running for each pool? What if I plot files for one pool (like my self pooling pool) and then want to assign them to a different pool?

No, you create a plot NFT, plot to this plot NFTs contract address and assign local or a pool address to this plot NFT. This assignement can be changed any time when you like. If it’t not assigned to a pool, you can claim the rewards by yourself, else the pool operator will claim the rewards.

No if you use always the same plot NFT.

Then you need multiple plot NFT that can be assigned to different pools. This means also you have to create plots that are tied to different plot NFTs.

Assign your plot NFT a different pool address like: “

Another difference, and a bit of confusion too:
When you use -c ***, your -f hash is different than when you use -p *** -f ***.
Previously I thought you use the same hash for -f ***. Not sure for now.

Is this created (when using the GUI) by going to Pool, then creating a Plot NFT for Self Pooling?

BTW, I made a huge mistake by not having my GUI open for the last month or so. I have been using Hpool to farm and have a cold wallet for my balance. I didn’t think about the sync process when I went back to the Chia software. Now I can’t even create the NFT because the blockchain/wallet sync is so far behind. It will probably be an entire day of syncing before I can begin plotting.

You have no choice but wait for the wallet db.
For the public blockchain, I can share Drive folder if you want. Let me know.

Yes and then it will appear in that screen with some info about it.
And a button that says, “change pool” so it’s very easy to switch.

Like juppin said, only use multiple nft’s if you want to be in more than one pool at the same time.
Otherwise you just need (and want) one

Thanks but if I have to wait for one, I might as well wait for both.

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Don’t think so, farmer public key is the same as before.


How do you change existing nft plots, created with madmax, to new pools using chia CLI?

Say I start with local nft when I start using madmax to create plots. Then I want to join a pool. I assume I just do "chia plotnft create -s pool -u ". But then how do I assign all my local nft plots to that pool using CLI?

No, if you have a plot NFT and want to change from local or another pool to pool, then it’s simply chia plotnft join -u "" and nothing more!

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Thanks for all the good info in there. Got everything working with local pool and madmax plotter. My new NFT plots seems to be valid. But how do you check in CLI similar of what you can see in the GUI (as per the doc). “chia plotnft show” doesn’t show points, etc. My harvester is seeing extra plots but doesn’t seems to do the difference between OG and NFT plots. Do we need to have a dedicated harvester for NFT plots? Thanks

Chia 1.2.0
Add pool in GUI.
Hover over ? next to Pool Name - this value is your -c
chia_plot.exe -n 1 -r 32 -u 256 -v 128 -t F:\ -2 R:\ -d I:\ -c <c > -f <f >

I created my plots without -c option. Only -p and -f are specified. Is there any way to add these plots to the pool? Or they have to be recreated?

You basically created the old style plots. No, they fall into the replot category.

Only “-c” part makes plots portable.

Quick question here… I have a harvester setup to farm nft plots in a specific pool. If I add local nft created plots to that farm, will it automatically link them to the same pool or does it require some additional commands? Running headless ubuntu so I can’t check a GUI… Any help would be appriciated.


You have attached “a contract key” to the plots on that HDD, right?
When you connect it, it starts farming automatically on that NFT (contract key).
If you made the plots on the disk with NFT pool A/or/solo and want to farm on pool B, you need to “Change pool” and select pool B.
If you want to stay on pool A/or/solo, you have nothing to do.