Madmax vs bladebit

Replotting is so overwhelming, we have to sharp our weapons.

Anybody have any ideas madmax plotter vs bladebit? if have 512G ram, which one is better?

As I don’t have that huge amount of ram, I can’t test it by myself. just curious in forum anybody already test it ?

just post the link here:

If you still yet to buy RAM, going all RAM is not worth it (when replotting finished, there is not much use for that much RAM).

The best option would be:

  1. Buy 128GB RAM and give 118GB for “temp 2” directory
  2. Buy a good 500GB NVMe for “temp 1” directory.

If the CPU can match that, you will be looking at 30ish minutes per plots with “Mad Max”.

If you have like 4PiB+ of space, then all RAM on each plotter absolutely.


It’s not about buy more ram.
Just want to know in theory how much 512G ram with aligned memory segment can accelerate the plotter.

From Bladebit - How To? - #19 by muc

32 core EPYC bladebit 1 plot = 15mins.

I have a 32 core thread ripper 128G ram also 15 mins.

So I can assume Madmax and bladebit almost have same performance in similar hardware except more ram.

kinda old thread, but with a bit lower end hardware, bladebit out performs madmax, at least for dual socket under ubuntu 20.04.

Machine 1:

  • ubuntu 20.04
  • 2x 2697v3 haswell CPU
  • all core turbo 3.1 ghz
  • 512GB 2133 mhz RAM
  • 6 hard drive raid destination disk
    plot time ~13.5 to 14 mins per plot

Machine 2:

  • ubuntu 20.04
  • 2x 2690v4 broadwell CPU
  • all core turbo 3.2 ghz
  • 3x NVMe PCIe SSD tmp 1
  • 256GB 2133 mhz RAM tmp 2
  • 7 hard drive raid destination
    plot time (single plot) ~24-25 mins/plot
    plotting two at same time ~35-36 mins/ 2plots

with slower CPU, lower IPC of haswell vs broadwell, bladebit is faster by quite a bit.

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How much USD is Machine 1 Machine 2?