Making a harvester using GUI

Hello guys,
Can anybody tell me how to setup a machine using GUI as a harvester on the same network with an static IP? I don’t know how to work with CLI.
Your kind respond would be greatly appriciated and thank you in advance for your time.

can you take a look at this page

Dear friend,
I already did that, but as I mentioned I don’t have the knowledge to work with CLI.
Thank you for your time any way.

Open the ~/.chia/mainnet/config/config.yaml file in each harvester, and enter your main machine’s IP address in the remote harvester’s farmer_peer section (NOT full_node).
crt: config/ssl/ca/chia_ca.crt
key: config/ssl/ca/chia_ca.key
host: Main.Machine.IP
port: 8447
For example, this section would look like:

crt: config/ssl/ca/chia_ca.crt
key: config/ssl/ca/chia_ca.key
host: This is my farmer IP address
port: 8447

.\chia start harvester -r

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Don’t be scared of a cli my guy

I can give u my harvester starter script if u like. There’s really nothing to getting one setup. Less than 10 commands.

And u can Cary ur .ca file to ur Ubuntu cli with a USB key. (That’s the only tricky part)

Everything els is seriously automated.
I’ll follow up with a quick tutorial…

Harvesters are fantastic they make your farm literally better.

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Thank you so very much

I appriciate your concern and thank you for encouregment.

i make an ubuntu server box and enter thies commands exactly.
except you want to.
change the stuff in bold to match ur situation,.
but first first copy ur full nodes .ca onto a flashdrive, much safer than a network share.
###copy this whole directory ~/.chia/mainnet/config/ssl/ca on ur full node onto a flash drive keep it ##named ca
#>>>>>>deleat the space in https below its typo.
###on ur fresh ubuntu box run thies line by line to make sure everythings a success. if command fails #double check your spelling check your paths.

$ sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y
$ git clone http s:// -b latest
$ cd chia-blockchain
$ sh
$. ./activate
$ chia init
$ chia start harvester
$ chia stop all -d
$ nano /root/.chia/mainnet/config/config.yaml

#in this file that opens, find your farmer peer, looks exactly like this, its a wayse down
crt: config/ssl/ca/chia_ca.crt
key: config/ssl/ca/chia_ca.key

#change the host ip address to what your chia full node is.

##press: ctrl x than y than enter

####put in flash drive… and mount with thies or simmilar commands…

$ cd
$ mkdir ca
$ lsblk

###find the drive you want to mount (could be sdb sdc sda). you will see correct size of volume.

$ sudo mount /dev/sdb ca

$ chia init -c ca

$ reboot now
$ cd chia-blockchain/
$ . ./activate

#now mount your plots to harvester… wherever u mounted your plots.{same as above} but lookup #what a proper fstab entry looks like for your plots}

$ chia plots add -d /home/drjones/allplots/

$ chia start harvester

$ chia plots check

#tcheck gui on full node… force reset a few times. maybe reboot both machines. make sure hafrvester is running with start harvester…r… but as long as ur firewalls are all good. should be instaniouse connection.

key commands would be ls lsblk blkid nano, sudo mount, cp and. chia -help for help.
than i setup a cron entry so it runs by itself at system startup.

easy peasy i mean… thats exactly what i do at least… cant say for others tho…lol

github farming on many machines is a great explainer… if ur not completely green.

just have fun. shell feels like ur a wizzard…
type some incantations and watch magic happen.
sure it can be tricky. um ya magics hard bro learn it.

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You are the MAN and I respect your kindness. Thank You.