Master/owner keys and payout addresses

Good afternoon.

Help me figure few things:

  1. What are these master public key, owner public key and first wallet address. I can’t see any use for them.

  2. Why Pool’s Payout Address isn’t the same to Receive Address?

  1. What command should i execute in CLI to see this payout address?

Not sure about master/owner key. First wallet address should just be the first receive address that was created for that private key.

payout address is for pool payouts, receive address is for farmer rewards (or anything else)

./chia plotnft show

NO, it’s not there, otherwise i wouldn’t ask.

I’m confused… isn’t it right there in the gui?

Payout logs going to the same address as you plotnft ‘yellow yak’.
Whats the issue?

I don’t know what they’re for either. But I’m sure they’re important. Maybe for signing proofs, generating cryptographic plots… who knows. It a cryptography thing.

Your account can have multiple receive addresses, any payment to any of those address ends up in your first wallet. Each plotnft seems to generate a new payout address. Which allows you to receive funds without exposing your first wallet address.

First wallet address is found in chia keys show, active plotnft addresses show in chia plotnft show.
No idea how to find addresses you previously used though.

Hover your mouse over the ? icon next to receive address and the following message shows:

HD or Hierarchical Deterministic keys are a type of public key/private key scheme where one private key can have a nearly infinite number of different public keys (and therefor wallet addresses) that will all ultimately come back to and be spendable by a single private key.

Which means the ‘Receive Address’ is just an address that was generated from your private key, you can make any number of them and ask people to send funds to any address you generate and it will arrive in your first wallet.

Don’t ask me how to show previously generated addresses though, I have no clue. Would be nice to be able to identify/verify if a payout address belongs to me. Anyone know how?

If you’re really interested in how the keys are used have a read through the chia wiki, good luck understanding it though:

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Looks like it.

Yeah … that’s another part of big mistery of the blockchain.

uChiaFarmer How is your solo rally? :man_factory_worker:

Solo rally? I’m pooling with flexpool. I’ll consider going solo when I have a lot of plots though. :thinking:

I might be mixing you up with another person who has “chia-miner” in his nickname :upside_down_face: Nevermind. Thanks for reply though.

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