Maximum hdd support

Hi everyone
I have a motherboard with 6 sata and 7 usb 3.0. All of sata are connected to internal 10tb hdd.
I want to buy 7 external hdd and connect them to usb ports.
So my question is:
Doesn’t connecting this number of hard drives cause a problem for the motherboard?

There should not be any problem with connecting all of the drives, but performance will be affected by the design of the motherboard and what each drive is being used for. If the USB ports are all sharing bandwidth, it will be a bottleneck to use them for temp drives. Even SATA can get a bit overwhelmed if the motherboard wasn’t designed to give the controller enough PCIe lanes. I’m using a lot of old equipment, but have found that a SATA drive used for temp attached to a PCIe controller card can plot faster than all the drives connected to the motherboard SATA ports because it isn’t fighting for bandwidth with the other drives.

I want all hdd’s and external hdd use for farming