ME FIRST PLOT 0% only loading in log

Hi , today i wanted create me first plot. But i have only information " plot generation " 0 % in CHECK LOG i see only Loading nothink else. What i doing wrong?

You want to create a plot? or you are trying to create a plot and you don’t see it. Have you processed any tmp files.
Look in your source drive: do you see files? are they tmp or is there a plot file. If you see a plot file then it hasn’t moved to the farming dir.
Look in your farming drive: do you see files? they should be plot files. This is where you farm.


Hi i trying to create a plot. In temp folder is 0 files .

  1. Download and install the s/w for your OS. 2) Check a youtube or 2 to see how to configure it for your system. 3) Don’t worry about detail, get the system running and plotting. plot a single the first time and make sure it starts farming.