Mergerfs question

So, I’m trying to figure out how to use the 64GB of free space at the end of every drive that I have. I’ve currently got something like 60 drives all with 64 or 65GB of free space left. Started tinkering with mergerfs tonight. Is there a setting in mergerfs that will split plots up and distribute them across what’s left of all of my drives? If mergerfs can’t do this, is there something else that can?

I think there is a solution for linux. I wouldn’t have thought much of it because plot compression is coming soon. The Chia team is working on it.

Some people plotted for chives on these empty spaces.

I use them to store movies.

No, mergerfs is not suitable for this. The appropriate method is linked below from many months ago. It made more sense to do it in the early days of farming, but now it’s probably worth waiting for the improved plot compression feature before doing this.


maybe this will help:

I’m not really into programming that far so I hope this tool would help!

Meh. Not really trying to replot. I do have enough RAM to do the k=33 in RAM, but I aint trying to replot half of 60 drives!

How much RAM do you need for k33?

I think around 512GB. Don’t quote me on that though.

I highly doubt that as you already need 416Gib with Bladebit, so my guess would be 2 times 416Gib (= ~892GB RAM)

You highly doubt what?

that 512GB of RAM is enough to plot k33 in RAM