Migrating Machines - disaster recovery

Is there disaster recovery proven method?

I Copied SQLite database to new machine to make sure it will sync faster to Main Node, its show correct numbers on Difficulty and Header hash height, but no sync can be established.

Wallet connection has no issue

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Historically copying the blockchain database helps a lot, yes.

I think right now the network is blowing up and growing at incredible rates and hence the sync issues for folks?


I had to turn off my pc today for a memory upgrade and since then I’m still syncing with 1000 blocks behind.
It’s been 10h and sync as yet to complete.
I checked the logs and all is good.
Looks like we need some optimisations on the sync protocol.
Not even with port 8444 open and upnp off this goes faster.
Kind of annoying but it is what it is.

It did worked, I feel sorry for new comming in members.


Worked for me no problem.

Hi, this seems to be the only way.

I recon db should be available to download in zip format etc. Only for members.
Maybe paid service???

Wonder if there might be space for chia-lite systems like btc wallets that don’t require full blockchain?

Sync has improved since v1.1.6 but blockchain size is becoming a concern.

What is it now around 5Gb? I’ve copied it over from one machine to another as I’ve changed equipment. Maybe there is scope for an abstraction from holding the full blockchain on every node.