Minimum Chia version supported by the blockchain

I am running 1.8.0.
However, I am over 2x passed my estimated time to win. Probably just random luck, and is not the first time this has happened.

So I figured I would check to see if perhaps I missed an announcement of a required upgrade. I found none.

I did, however, find Chia version 2.0.0 on and it appears to have been posted today (08/24/2023).

Is my 1.8.0 version still supported?
Was 2.0.0 posted today? Was there an announcement? Anyone running 2.0.0?

You don’t follow discord do you?


I asked this question some time ago, and the answer was that even much older version than yours continue to work at the moment, but it is a very good idea to keep up to date.

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As you know, unless you dedicate substantial time to reading Discord, its very easy to miss something, Discord is a mess!

Its just a single thread for each subject, so you have to read through all the messages to get the useful information.

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It’s usually posted by someone on Twitter also…
But afaik, the client itself is also supposed to check for when new versions are available, and pop up a message on the screen. But I. Not sure when this was introduced and how often it actually checks

I do not upgrade when a new release becomes available, due to possible bugs (unless there is a compelling reason to jump in).

I will stay close to the latest version, or upgrade to the latest version if it is out for a while and no one is reporting issues.

That is why I am looking forward to someone answering:

I’ve been running most of the Alpha’s, all the RC’s except for 5 which had a bug, and am currently running RC6, which is as good as 2.0.0. Just haven’t had time to install 2.0.0 yet. As have countless others on Discord.