Minimum fees to get your transaction during Dust storms!

During dust storms, you can use the min fees to get transactions in next block. We calculate fees based on 5M cost estimate and this is more than enough to get your transaction into next block and we have added minimum fees trend chart also.Check this out and share your feedback!


Nice exporer!
I like the design. Min fees reflect my experience, eventhough many here say the min fees are very high:

0.000000000000 (XCH)
Min Fees

even if it takes longer. I do not see why the transaction needs to be executed immediatel right now. (Except you want to buy sth. directly with chia and the shop has a time limit of 30 minutes - Shops dont accept chia yet anyways)


You never know when you will need to send xch faster than that + the transactions without a fee could be pending forever. That’s the reason we added that thing with paying fees for farmers.

But, yeah, if there’s no hurry, saving some xch now could be helpful in the future.


Might be useful to show how you’re calculating that, because a very basic transaction with a low block cost shouldn’t need such a high fee as what you’re showing. At the time of this, spacescan is showin a minimum fee of 0.000000134977 xch, but I just did a transaction that merged 4 coins and split into 2 with a fee of 0.00000000002 and it went threw in a couple minutes.


Thanks for suggesting this. We really appreciate your comment on this.
We have created a Github issue for tracking this. Soon, we can expect the changes.

Really appreciate your suggestion, Please join our discord channel for future communication.

any tx with less than 5 fee per cost (approximately 0,00005 for a standard TX) counts as 0

Is this not true?

It has 0 value in cash, but for blockchain it’s still a number that not everyone uses, so it still could be used to get priority in transaction queue (and anything less might work too, but that’s more “risky”).

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Why do you think that is true, when it is not?
Transactions with 0 fee are accepted into the mempool as of chia-blockchain version 1.2.12. Fees that are very close to zero are considered equivalent to zero. The threshold is set at 5 mojo per cost, but this can vary by implementation, version, and settings, so it’s not guaranteed by the protocol.

From chia docs

I dont see that calculation from here but i might be wrong!
I have seen that conversions before in keybase.

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Thats correct lower fees than min fees may work because the mempool is floating one.
we calculate effect fees which could replace other transactions and get yours with this min fees.
we tunned the logic from here ,


Interesting! I’ll not bother with docs again.