Minus ballance wallet

It happens yesterday. I don’t know what is going on my wallet.
it shows minus ballence history. Is this is a bug or something screwed up?
I thinks the dust storm do something to my GUI.
Somebody knows how to fix it?

Is your wallet synced?

After Edit: sorry. Can see wallet is synced in yer picture.

yes it synced, and running

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What does your CLI tell you:

chia wallet show

It just looks like a UI bug when creating those charts. Eventually, you may want to report it on Issues page on github.

I checked with the CLI command line and shows me only 0.03xch are in my wallet.

The UI also shows 0,03XCH. Should it show a different amount? Is the problem just with that negative number on the Total Balance section, or rather with your amount in Spendable Balance section?

I used to have 0.04xch. But it shows me -0.04xch. There’s no outgoing transaction in my log.
That’s why I’m confused about this situation.

OK, so you have two problems:

  1. Negative value
  2. A bit less than before in your wallet

I think that you don’t need to worry about #1, that looks to me as UI bug when producing that chart. Otherwise, the other sections agree with your CLI. As mentioned, I would take that screenshots, and post it on Chia’s Issues github page. As that looks like something trivial, that is something that they may fix quickly, maybe even in v1.2.11 (if you hurry).

As far as missing coins, another way to check your wallet is to use chiaexplorer. Take your wallet receiving address, and enter it there, e.g.,


Bear in mind, that chia explorer is not really displaying the info about your wallet, but rather your receiving addresses. With that said, you may have two addresses already. One from the wallet page, the other on the pool side of UI.

The bottom line is that chiaexplorer will show you all transactions for those addresses, so you can check for potential withdrawals. in case you see such, and you don’t recognize them, it is time to check your computer for malware (first), and implement a cold wallet.

And, we don’t have such data, but so far nothing indicates that dust storm could cause any damage to chia setup, or wallet activities.

That is a GUI bug. The code generating the graph is the culprit.

That’s the difference between QA and Devs. QA points to issues, Devs need to explain those, and figure out how to fix it :wink: Therefore, if no QA, Devs really suck :slight_smile:

It’s a low-priority bug, so their resources are better spent elsewhere presently. Hopefully Chia Inc will post some metrics on the Dust Storm, so we may understand their progress towards future mitigation.

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Thanks I’ll try out to find what happened.

If you have problems with that chiaexplorer, you can post your receiving address here, and someone will help you looking at what is there.

It is safe to post that receiving address, as that is meant to be public. The only thing that can be done with it is to send you XCH, nothing else.

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