Missing blocks?

Hey guys,
Is there a way to find out if i missing blocks?
Only got 10 peers. Port 8444 is opend, firewall opend. Checked on a website, it told me the port is closed. Someone on reddit told me its because my provider is tunneling my external IP. Does somebody have a workaround?
And sorry for my bad english😂

Does it say you are synced? If you are missing blocks it should say you’re not synced.

Yes, im synced
Is it a big problem if i only got 10 peers?

10 is fine. Be sure to update to 1.1.4

Additionally, in the GUI, on the Farm tab you will see a list of Last attempted proof, which should update about every 10 seconds, that’s how you can tell that all your plots are competing in “the lottery”. If they don’t update about every 10 seconds then you are indeed missing blocks, something is wrong then.

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Ok thanks i will check that