Missing fan and missing screw

I just took delivery of a “renewed” HP EliteDesk 800 G2.

It is missing two items.

It is missing a fan, that (according to the below video), should be under the included SATA SSD.

Go to the 9:44 time mark:

It is missing the hold-down screw for installing an NVMe SSD.

Regarding #1:
Does anyone have this mini computer?
Is the fan supposed to be there?

Will I have an overheating issue if I create plots with an NVMe drive, without that fan?

Regarding #2:
Does Home Depot sell that screw?

A web search indicates that M2x3mm is a common size. But I can’t find where to purchase one, other than 100+ pieces on Amazon. I was hoping to pick one up tonight at Home Depot or Lowes.

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M2 x 3mm, Phillips Pan Head Screws, A2 304 18-8 Stainless Steel | eBay
HP Elitedesk 705 800 600 G2 SFF Desktop CPU Cooling Fan 804057-001 818211793440 | eBay
.You need to start sending me NJ Pizza’s :rofl: :sweat_smile:


The screw information is helpful.
I am heading out to Home Depot.

For the fan, it irks me that I need to spend $9.23 for what should have been included in the purchase.
And then I have to mount the fan, and it looks like that mounting brace is missing, as well as its screws.

It is a shame, because this is an otherwise clean “renewed” box.

I might return it. But I will still see if Home Depot (one mile from my apartment) has the screw, because something tells me that none of the renewed boxes will have the screw. I wonder if new ones included that screw?

What is wrong with Florida’s pizza?

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What about a renewed box with a fan???
And the good pizza’s are made from guys that moved south!!!
What are you going to do with this box? You need a GPU to make compressed plots larger than C5 MMX or chia when they get their crap working…

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I had a similar experience, I wasn’t missing fans but the 800 G3 I bought was missing the HDMI downgrade (said it was included) and missing wi-fi (said this option was also installed but wasn’t). I’m pretty sure they just take pallets of these things off lease from businesses, factory reset them, blast them out with air and send them. It was probably easier to yank the dead fan from yours and hope the buyer didn’t notice.

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I purchased a renewed box. It is missing that fan (see 9:44 time mark in the video from my initial comment).

You are in Florida. That is as south as it gets (short of leaving the USA).
So why do you want me to send you New Jersey pizza?

Did the NJ pizza guys not bring their pizza services to FL?
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I want a reasonably good, portable computer, that has an NVMe M.2 port.

When I go for compressed plots, I will upgrade my two main rig’s GeForce GT 710 cards to 3060s, or something similar.

I didn’t try the VDF on MMX with the onboard Intel 630 graphics but that is a good point, it may have a shelf life. Mine (G3 EliteDesk) keeps up ok with C5 plots - it’s a bigger case so I was able to slip a low profile GPU in (enough for powder puff MMX compressed plots at least).

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Mine came with a tiny USB dongle, for WiFi.
I am amazed that it survived the “renewed” journey.

Perhaps it is not the original? They are very inexpensive, especially for a seller that has them in bulk.
But due to the popularity of WiFi, my seller might be adding them to the box, knowing that it will be a headache if countless people complain about not having WiFi.

But the missing fan, as you pointed out, will go unnoticed by many customers.

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Home Depot was a bust.

It looks like eBay to the rescue, for the M.2 screw.

Now it is time to call Amazon, and have them replace my purchase with another one that hopefully will include both fans (and not be missing anything else).

True! At the 10:30 mark in the video it shows the second M.2 slot where the WiFi should have been if factory. Mine was missing too :frowning:.

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This is simply untrue.
I plot using a xeon e3 1240 which is similar to a i4770 from a decade ago

It is my understanding that any box, with enough RAM and enough temp storage can create any level of plot compression – that a powerful GPU will just get the plot created far faster.

It is also my understanding that the role, where a powerful GPU is required, is for harvesting high compression level plots.

So you can plot-away with just about any old hardware, if you are not in a hurry to complete highly compressed plots. But to make use of those plots (to farm them), you need a harvester box with a GPU that can handle their compression level.

Is the above correct?
I am asking because I am not sure, and would like to be sure.

Interesting, I’ve posted on the Chia Discord, be handy if I can run two instances of BB one using the GPU, the other just CPU.

I was talking in another thread also about plots with compression larger than C5. Just didn’t type that here.

I would just return it and get another one.

Also for screws you can get “screw sets” with plenty of screws of every kind, it’s cheap and will get you covered for almost every problem in the future

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I spoke to Amazon, and they transferred me to someone that understands computers.

They are contacting the seller to see if they can inspect a replacement, before shipping it to me. Or plan “B” to ship me the fan and whatever goes with it to mount it.

I should hear back from them today.


I am plotting c6 with madmax’s plotter with cpu on a i3770 too.
About 85 min per "32 plot

Edit: as discussed before they aren’t really compressed at all. So it doesn’t need any more resources to create the compressed plots. Truncated plots would be an alternative name

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I returned the unit.

The missing fan was a deal breaker, and the seller blew off Amazon, twice, and never responded to me.

Waste of time.

Start saving your cans like I do, and get that Dell T5810 slowly.

What makes the T5810 desirable?


I compared a few Xeon processors to i5 processors, and the i5 processors scored nearly 3x faster results.
Even the i3 processors were 50% faster.