Missing plots in the GUI

Hi team, I have 151 plots not found in the Chia GUI is there an easy way to get rid of them and then replot?

I am not sure why they have suddenly become not found either, as they were all there and working a week ago…

Are they on separate drives?
Sounds like you just lost connection to a hdd.

Hi no not on external drives, they are all on different drives over my array… so not specific to one drive :roll_eyes:

If you are copying to “live” folders then any partial plots show as missing or incomplete whilst they are copying, they also begin farming as soon as they are complete. However the missing or complete screen does not clear itself.
Restarting the gui will clear it.

Also I have recently noticed a discrepancy between Chia 1.2.5 and flax 1.1.0 GUIs even though they farm the same plots and have exactly the same plot folders lists.

Restarting both sync’s everything back in again.

Hi thanks for the reply, however the plots have been in place for nearly 2 months now so not a copy issue. I have restarted the GUI a number of times. The issue is also replaced across the forks I am farming…