Missing sigage points

I just installed chia 2.0 and on the Farm Summary, there a new farm health field (Missing signage point)

I have read all the doc’s and I can not understand what I am wrong.
The main system and 2 farming PC alll running ubuntu.
My internet is 300m up and 300m down. All my PC have 2.5gig Ethernet to a 2.5 switch. Then to 1 gig

main system is running AMD Ryzon 7 5800 with 128g or RAM
1 farmer is running AMD Ryzon 7 5800 with 64g of RAM
1 farmer is running Intel(R) Core™ i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40G with 16g RAM

Total Plots Size is 627.650 TiB

I have looked in the logs and there nothing listed about Missing signage points.

I think its normal to get a few, just looked at mine and it was at 21, although can’t remember what it was yesterday. The way I’ve seen it explained implies its just internet drop outs.

Ive not looked at mine in a while, when i used to use farmr, it was rare i missed any, farming apx 700tb on an 8350, i did need 32gb ram though.

@airtac did you change your log level to INFO ?
Maybe they are hidden.

I did not know there was logging levels. I will look it up on how to do this.

Thanks for the info!!!

That was fast to do the update. Now I will have to learn more about the logs.

Thanks again!!!

I have 13 reported as well.

I’ve been getting a few of these as well. Also Each time I win a block I seem to get a bunch of Missing partials and the Valid partials changes from 100% 0/0 to I think it was 0% 0/1. A quick hit of the Reset button and all your worries just disappear.

I have over looked item in a logs before and I did check to try to understand them. Then think they were nothing. Later they end up being a big problems.

I do not think this is a big problem. I just need to understand what is going on here.

I’m not sure anyone really knows, even on Discord the answers seem vague.

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How do I investigate and troubleshoot these issues?