Missing signage points

In the past 48 hours I have 367 missing points. My chia farmer barely exceeds 10% CPU usage and memorry usage is about 25%. I have a NAS that I have a wired gig connection to. NAS server is running MSFT server 2016. I have a 1g link up and down

I am not sure where to look. any ideas?

I believe some are caused by the new asic timelords.

Nithing to do to help with those.

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ahhh yeah I heard about them. I think they may have gone in in the last monthly or so?.. so others then are seeing an increase in missing points also?

Personally i have missid signage points, but no invalid or late partials.

So im assiming its the the timelords, ill reset my counter and update how many i miss in 24 hrs.


Ive seen it discussed a bit, so it appears so.

( note to self, reset @ 6.52am)

Similar experience, I usually have ~100 to 200 missed signage points on ~2PB in between that 12 hour to 24hr timeframe but no invalids nor late partials here.

thanks folks… so to sum up even if I am getting say 100-200 missing points a day, BUT my partials look fine, nothing to worry about (more or less yeah? Below looking at my partials/invalids it looks clean.

What are the ASIC timeloaeds?


Okay, so my 24 hrs is over.
Im at 53 missed signage points.

Of course thats just one day, others may vary.

But if your seeing many more than that it could be an issue elsewhere.

Id assume we would all be missing apx the same no per day regardless of farm size.

Maybe im assuming badly.

For me today, “only” 13.
In recent days it was even above 200.
500 Mb/s DWL/UPL fiber connection with reasonable ping.