Mix 2 photos & create new NFT now with seedsn.app!

Followup from Mint any NFT just by tweeting - @seedsnapp - Chia Development - Chia Forum

New feature alert! If you upload 2 photos instead of one, seedsn.app bot will paint the first in the style of the second. Here’s a great example that my wife created using the catmos.io logo and our kitty:

Cherylyn Painter on Twitter: @seedsnapp / Twitter

That’s not all! We’ve created a new Twitter list called Marmot Recovery. Whenever members of this list tweet, their tweet will automatically be seedsnapp’d and the royalty address for those NFTs will be set to Marmot’s Recovery Foundation’s address, just like Chia Friends! @seedsnapp/Marmot Recovery / Twitter

More details in the helper thread below - have fun!

seedsn.app :seedling: on Twitter