More missing chia. "" wallet is UNSAFE

i used various platforms to test wich wallet i liked the best by sending a little over 1 chia to each wallet…

hearing about all this missing chia i did some investigating on my own accounts

and infact my self hosted wallet on my phone has somehow drained. with no transaction record.
also no way of getting a hold of anyone at

seems super shady. im betting not virus or hack… but a corrupt app builder.
no transaction logs… seriously.

supposedly endorsed by chia

hide your kids hide your wife’s cause they taken everyone’s chia away out hur.

funny tho… my on the chain OG wallet still holds chia. shame i switched to some third party bullshit.


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Can you post the xch address so we can investigate?

Or just jonesjr branded useless fud about nucle w/ baseless claims?


Yeah I think Nucle Wallet is compromised. I swear I had a couple Chia in there and now there is nothing. I have never accessed via PC only via phone. So the wallet itself must be compromised.


Did they ever get back online?? I thought they folded because of server costs.

Servers are all down due to hosting costs. We’re trying to move things on prem or find someone else to take over nucle.

— nucle🌱 (@nucle_io) February 18, 2023

In any case, pop those 24 magic words into Goby (or the official wallet in light mode) and you guys should be cooking with gas again.


Since Febrary they are offline.

It is incorrect to say that it is insecure simply because the web service they offered is no longer available.


Timing is interesting.

my chia is still gonzo.
if you check their twitter, people have been asking with no response for a couple of months now.
someone in the comments discovered that peoples funds have actually disappeared and their so no way to get the chia back out.

the project at this point in time appears to have ben a scam.

A couple of months? I had a sizeable amount of Chia in the nucle app, in february the app said “0” in the wallet but I simply loaded the mnemonic into the chia wallet and I had access again.

It’s just their servers were taken down but the blockchain still holds the data. Check your wallet address on a blockchain explorer and you will see if your XCH are still there.

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Prove it. Show us your Nucle wallet address.


It is HIGHLY unlikely Nucle has been compromised, especially since it’s not even functional at this time.

The more probable likelihood is that since Nucle only uses individual wallet addresses. However as you move Chia around and make spends, coins get reallocated to new addresses within the same wallet… Addresses of which Nucle doesn’t support because the app has not been sufficiently updated since it was first deployed to support this functionality. If you take your seed phrase and load it into any other wallet, such as the Chia Network reference wallet, you’ll likely find all of your funds there because newer wallets that are kept up-to-date are able to see balances across all addresses derived from that wallet.


How did u do that exactly

Oh thank Jesus.
My bad yall false alarm.

Wtf does Nucle have shitty servers.

If that’s really the issue. I’d host it for them.

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