Moved full node to a new machine - sync issues, Missing signage points and many more

Hi all,

Yesterday moved my full node from previous Mac mini M1 (8Gb RAM, 256 GB SSD) to another Mac mini M1 (16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD). Reason is my RAM was fully utilised and system was choking. Started getting more and more Missing signage points on old machine (from 20 to 50 a day, sometimes 100).
My farm is around 2PB with multiple HDD enclosures connected via Thunderbolt hubs and docks. All was ok until I grew my farm and old machine was utilising all RAM.

What I’v done is installed client on a new machine and moved DB from old machine. All synced. Seemed so…
All plots are visible. But almost instantly I started getting issues:

  1. Missing signage points are growing. 400 Missing signage points in couple of hours.
  2. Pool did not reflect actual farm size. Instead of 2-2.5PB it would show 700TB and dropping…(all 22000 ish plots are being reflected in pool).
  3. Started dropping out of sync often. New machine started losing connection with HDDs (or smth like this because I can see and hear HDDs are being sort of restarted).

I am literally lost and can’t imagine downloading whole DB from the scratch again.

Some log errors:

2023-11-02T10:54:42.021 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: ERROR Exception fetching qualities for /Volumes/Farm73/Pool1/plot-k32-c04-2023-09-13-19-52-30bb4315fe9bb3c7abb38d60d4ed2809d461f3b2c61f1dc8ea57ddc9d230d154.plot. Src size is incorrect
2023-11-02T10:54:42.022 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: ERROR File: /Volumes/Farm73/Pool1/plot-k32-c04-2023-09-13-19-52-30bb4315fe9bb3c7abb38d60d4ed2809d461f3b2c61f1dc8ea57ddc9d230d154.plot Plot ID: 30bb4315fe9bb3c7abb38d60d4ed2809d461f3b2c61f1dc8ea57ddc9d230d154, challenge: 2eb11138f00698ae2e513aec2c5e7449bdb2f8abf5b4f9c64b76b2b275fcf0c4, plot_info: PlotInfo(prover=<chiapos.DiskProver object at 0x129f850b0>, pool_public_key=None, pool_contract_puzzle_hash=<bytes32: 05edcb7b8e19ff28781700409c1f89f012f92de6ce8bae2a60a7499720360785>, plot_public_key=<G1Element 8d7451b76b7ed4d7584bdaecc7cbfda680c011dfc2c4a89dcc34daf14ee1ae7b5390abf3c8c87ff4821c434ec1b3b5e5>, file_size=88881258496, time_modified=1694599489.034153)

full_node full_node_server : ERROR Exception: Failed to fetch block 4458701 from PeerInfo(_ip=IPv4Address(‘’), _port=8444), timed out, PeerInfo(_ip=IPv4Address(‘’), _port=8444). Traceback (most recent call last):

I did this whilst I was replotting and running Foxy Farmer, it took six days. You can download a copy from Chia, its towards the bottom of the page, that will get you to the 1 October.

It may be a HDD dying and causing issues, though.

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Check DB file / folder permission on the new machine, be sure to have full access, that is one common issue when you move a full DB to another system.

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Hi, if you use USB ports for your HDD’S then remember one thing.
Must be set “always-on” mode or disable any power efficiency savings in your OS. :wink:

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You might be right here my friend. I think I eventually did it yesterday and things seem to have improved. Shall double check on that.