Moving chia between wallets


Ive just moved 0.000011 as a test transaction between two wallets. On the receiving wallet my balance has gone up by 0.000011 but on the sending wallet, my balance has gone down 0.015579277, a way way bigger number.

Does anyone know why?

Thanks for your time.


Hey wobblewoo,

Try including a wallet address or maybe a screenshot of your wallet page from gui (including the history) that way we can actually help you find out what is happening instead of just guessing.

Maybe my lack of understanding, please learn me if it is, but why would you need the wallet addresses?

I moved 0.000011 XCH from one address to another which was fine but the transfer also took a much larger amount from the Tx and sent it to a third address which i’ve no idea what it is, its here:

The address ending 2dy is the Tx address

When creating a TX you will end up splitting a coin in most cases. Amount you send goes to the target address, remainder will go back to the source wallet, but to another (random?) public address.

Just check the balance with the Chia client abd you will see that you in fact only sent 0.000011

When I recognised coins disappearing to a seemingly foreign address I thought Chia is broken or I was hacked…

From Chia Explorer:

Chia Explorer may show a different net result to your Chia wallet and both are correct. When you send coins, change may go to a different address. The wallet is aware of all your addresses and Chia Explorer is not. You are currently looking at one specific address.

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When i drill down through the numbers thats exactly it, thankyou.