Moving Chia portable plots

If you input primary key that would have been used.

Possibly user error, I mean the plotter uses the key you provide, it doesn’t go of searching for a new key.

Did you plot with gui by any chance?
Madmax doesn’t have this issue as you must specify the keys used to plot.

thanks all for your input, I found the cause of the error.
basically, the plotting pc had 2 keys loaded on GUI, only 1 key was used to plot.
on the farming pc, I only loaded the key i used to plot on the other pc with.
after loading the second key on the farming pc (even if I didn’t use it to plot) the error is now resolved and all of my plots recognized


Lol, the simple things confuse us the most sometimes, glad your good again.

Edit. For future, and I’m assuming, it should use the key you select at login.
Make your life simpler and use madmax :wink:

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