Moving my XCH to Chia

I have a question. I have XCH coins on With the warning shot (IMHO) of transferring $400MM by accident, I don’t want to lose the ability to be liquid if Crypto,com goes through a rough spot. This is truly bizarre. The worst financial catastrophe in history, and the market is green. Go figure. So, is there an easy way to transfer my XCH to Chia? I just cannot lose these XCH coins, as it is too much of an investment. TY in advance.

Assuming you mean send to a local wallet by

Yes, install the wallet on a pc, create a new receive address, send your xch to it.
So long as allow withdrawls of crypto that will work, im not familiar with the site.

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Nope. No withdrawals on Sell them for $, buy them on a CEX which allows withdrawals in your country.

I use MEXC.

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What are you referring to?
General world stuff or the " mistakenly " sent funds?


Actually you can buy and sell on but not withdraw yet .
I think it may be a deal they set up with the Chia Team to limit the one who have farm for more than a year now

If the answer to this question is correct / on point, it doesnt sound like a deal was made, unless it was under nda, but if it was a deal you would think chia would verify something.

Why would such a deal even be made?
I dont understand

Wow you bought coins you can’t withdraw? So u don’t own them? Is everyone sure here @Lsherring can’t just withdraw? Normally you should be able to enter a receive address and if you go.

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Looks like this dark magic shit is really going on. I mean that’s a contract on buying chia but not owning the coin. Like a future contract or something? Well looks like your only way is to sell them on the plattform and use an exchange that allows for withdrawal. So much insanity in this whole exchange ecosystem. You can’t make this stuff up …


I was in the same case as you.

Long time ago someone from my family send me $100 of BTC in That was my first every crypto I owned.

I always forgot this and one day, when XCH was announced on crypto com, I went to change the BTC → XCH. I had like 2.5 XCH on it.

With the recent events, I thought myself (I NEED MY 2 XCH !!!). So I went there, sell them for USDT. It took like 2-3 hours before I see my USDT balance updated. Then send it to gateio (10 USDT fees for a 70 USDT transfer… thiefs…) Buy XCH → Chia wallet. (It also took some hours to get out of gateio)

Good look in your journey outta CEX!


im not sure, i think you can wethdraw other coins such as usdt. Convert it, transfer it to an exchange which supports xch withdrawal such as and transfex chia from wallet there.

make sure to check different chains which might have different transaction cost

I just watched a video on Facebook today from a guy who lost $50K on okex overnight this weekend. I’m nervous with anyone. is trying to assure folks with an email today, but we all saw what happened with FTX. I wonder if Matt Damon got paid. LOL

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Bad trading, hack, security issue?
Many losses are user fault so the how is important.

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He has no clue as the night before, everything was there. When he went on the platform the next day, everything went up to zero. Seemed legit as he was of age and looking for a resolution.

Ah well, time will tell, alot of times ppl lose their funds its them not bothering using 2fa.

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I guess this is a good time for everyone to remember that “coins” in an exchange wallet don’t actually exist. They are most usually just a statement of IOU (just like normal fiat banks btw).

Not your keys, not your coins!

If you are trading, keep only what you actually trade with on the exchange, anything else use a
(cold) wallet for storage of which you and you alone have the private keys.

And in any case I would only use an exchange that allows for easy withdrawal of you fund to a private wallet.

If does not allow XCH withdrawal, sell it for something that you can withdrawal from there and sent it to an exchange that does allow XCH transfer, so you can send the XCH to a real wallet.


Easier said than done, I’ve found exchanges randomly stop transfers of XCH.

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Do you care to share which ones?
I use for several years now without any issues.
My workflow is:

  • Send xch from wallet to wallet
  • Sell xch for USDT
  • Send USDT via Tron network (lowest fee) to Binance
  • Use USDT via Binance Card

I’m pretty sure it was, which I think was one of the first to list XCH, and I think there may have been another, possibly Lbank. They’d stop transfers out and in saying it was for wallet maintenance, but it would be many weeks before it was possible again.

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I have no issues with ant so far.

I have heard rumors that gate had some issues where they received a transaction from faultly, but could not find any supporting information that they did anything wrong on their end. They returned the faulty transaction of some 500k eth or so :sweat_smile:

I just read about GBTC. So do I understand correctly that yo ü investment is basically in a Chia Crypto Trust? One can be traded via a brokerage like Robin Hood?