Multiple full nodes, all submitting eligible plots behind same IP, that ok?

If I choose not to use remote harvesters, and run multiple full nodes instead (upnp off, only making outbound connections) , all using same wallet, all submitting eligible plots, does that mess up any of the ‘proof’ finding? (not here to discuss the reasons WHY I would want to run multiple full nodes, only here to discuss if there are any potential issues when it comes to finding proofs or being selected with for the Proof of Space winner).

So to recap

  1. Multiple full nodes behind same external IP
  2. Full nodes configured for outbound connections only (upnp off, no port forwarding)
  3. full nodes all configured using the same secret (same wallet addr on all of them and all generated using the same public farmer/plot keys)
  4. these full nodes each have anywhere from 3600-7000 plots each. all different (not “duplicates” or “copies” of each other, these would be all servers with their own drives, nothing shared)
  5. all full nodes are constantly submitting anywhere from 5 to 20 eligible plots every round

I’m just curious on how the final selection of proof works in this scenario. If FARMER ‘A’ submits 5 eligible plots, and FARMER ‘B’ submits 12 eligible plots, and FARMER ‘C’ submits 18 eligible plots, from the networks perspective are they ‘overwriting’ each other? Does the network think I only have 5 or 12 of 18 (depending on race condition submittal), or does the network think I have 35 eligible plots? This is where I start to get confusing on how the Proof of Space algorithm works and how it is implemented in the code.

Besides the inefficiency of running multiple full nodes, does this setup ‘hinder’ proof finding in any way? for example, like if a map was used , I would like some input (if it even works like this in any way) if the code looks like

map<wallet_addr,num_of_eligible_plots> round_nodePlotCount;

does the code look something like each time it receives a list of eligible plots for each round →

round_nodePlotCount[wallet_addr] = eligible_plot_count
round_nodePlotCount[wallet_addr] += eligible_plot_count

as wouldn’t that make a massive difference (meaning, my setup scenario is screwing myself out of rewards) if each node is overwriting the number of eligible plots I have instead of summing them up ?

Thanks so much. Its possible that my thinking of how this all works is completely wrong as well , lol. Curious to hear some real technical answers here.


Are the farmers all farming different plots? As long as you’re not double or triple farming the same plots, I don’t see any issue other than extra overhead.

Actually I have the same question and lookng for Chia support to answer. I run 3 computers with few hundreds plots on each and need them to run as farmer and harvester at the same time. Because I plot at the same time and farm… I dont have server with 20hdds… I have just average computer with few sata connections…

I have been running this way since March across 4 nodes with all 4 nodes finding blocks, so it is not an issue. All using the same keys/wallet addr too.