Multiple Pool's showbn

Hi, I had an issue last night that I had to delete the config file (due to wallet being stuck). When I restarted and added my plot directories, no Pool was showing.

Added a pool again, and it joined me to a new Pool, but then showed me my old pool

Can you help, as I now have 3 pool’s showing, but only need One

3 nft’s, that’s no issue, just let them be, they won’t hurt anything.

Just be careful not to create over 20 or you will have issues.

In future, if you cant see them, deleting the wallet db and letting it re sync will make it appear again.

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Once created each NFT has it’s own wallet which is part of the block chain and cannot be deleted.

You can edit the extra NFT wallets (the two with zero plots) out of your config.yaml under the pool_wallet heading if I remember correctly. The wallets will still exist but your Client will not know about them.

The limit of 20 wallets includes your main wallet leaving only 19 for multiple NFTs and their wallets. KeyBase suggests you create no more than 18 NFTs and I suggest you never get near that many, lolz!

Fortunately, your extra NFTs contain no plots. Once removed from config.yaml zero plot NFTs added are no longer a problem.

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Hey, hope it’ll help:

Turn off launcher and all processes connected to chia (or make the reboot of your pc);
Delete config file;
Delete sync files (in the folder named “db” only 1 sync should be left);
Turn on chia launcher and make it sync with the network;
If the trouble did not vanished - reboot pc and open launcher again;
Didn’t work again? Make the sync one more time or add a pool card.

I had the same problem but, as you can see, now it’s fixed and it works just fine.

(Also as someone mentioned above it’s not really problem and I agree with that, but it’s just not that comfortable to work with)