My blockchain_v2_mainnet.sqlite is 84.2 GB but i'm currently at Syncing 167,424/1,711,298 what gives?

I copy the DB from previous sync full node as I’m changing OS

previous OS was also client 1.3.1

More syncing to go

how do i make it sync faster? isn’t it supposed to sync faster?

You are running the full node so syncing speed is not faster than 1.2. but the db size should be around 50% the size of the v1 db

Copying the db from another synced system you would expect the new system not to start from 0 but at the height the previous system/db was stopped at…

Are you sure the new system is using this v2 db or is it syncing a new v1 db?

chia blockchain fullnode

what’s the difference? from windows it was v1 then i install ubuntu i just changed it to v2 and sync perfectly, now i’m on fedora just copy the same db

now it’s stuck here

maybe I need to learn the CLI :zipper_mouth_face:

In the good old days

Concurrent CPM-86 1.x

the sweetchia pool site has a link to download the version 2 archive.

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Hi… having a similar problem here. I`ve tried erasing and re installing chia ( now ver 1.3.3), it is taking me almost +/- 48 hours to sync on my main node. I took a look on the DB file and although its V2, the size is over 90GB ( more or less the same that I´ve had prior to erasing and reinstalling)

I have a second machine, that I´ve synced from zero and db is little over 50 GB… can anyone help / explain??

I tried to copy from machine 2 to machine 1 and stuck on loading page…as @nurazhar has shown on his last image… so that is why i tried to uninstall and start from zero

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This is v1 db. Just run upgrade on it (make a copy before). Although, before running the upgrade, rename this one to v1.

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