Need expert opinions on this

About 2 months ago and after a very in-depth research about the necessary components, I started ordering my new PC components. Some extremely weird things happened and up to the moment I haven’t managed to assemble my PC! Things like failed delivery after 3 attempts, failed mainboard for no reason, lost package in Amazon etc (you will be bored to hear the details).

I’m still struggling with gathering the components and I am about to return everything to the shops and quit Chia. I see the network growth and the insane increase in difficulty and this makes me really disappointed. The setup was a 5950x rig with 60TB of space which I think is no longer enough.

To cut the story short, do you agree that it is too late to begin this? I appreciate your inputs on this because I am about to return everything.

That is a hard one to answer, with crypto the early adaptors reap the most awards.
and when is it too late, well that depends on your risk tolerance.
your perceived value of Chia in the future.
is this also a hobby (optimizing a plotting machine, being part of a cutting edge new crypto) then putting money into it without big rewards makes sense.

A lot of people gave up on Bitcoin early, and now regret that decision… Chia may fade away or be like bitcoin… There really is no way of knowing this…


I agree with the above. It’s too late to “get rich quick,” if that was your goal, but it might very well not be too late to realize a profit over the next few years — especially if the value of the coin increases.

And it can be a fun hobby.

By the way, I sympathize with your build issues. Mine was delayed when I received the wrong power supply. Someone had put an Enermax 550W supply in a (new) Corsair HX1200 box.

Thank you both for your words. Appreciate it. I decided to send back everything because at this stage, it is not worth the time and budget I need to invest. I think I was too late.

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Wait for the price to drop even further… Then buy…
And HODL for a couple of years…