Netspace dropping as of May 9th, 2021?

The netspace seems to just have dropped 200 PiB tonight, anyone know what’s up with that?
Something to do with the problem earlier today perhaps?

Probably because people who were farming with the old client remained out of sync due to the malicious block this morning. I would expect to go back up pretty quick as all it takes is a wallet update to get back to farming.

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Yes I guess you’re right. Although I missed the whole bad block thing today and when I got home everything was still running and synced under 1.1.4
But probably that won’t have been the same for everyone . A little slowdown of growth wouldn’t be a bad thing though :sweat_smile:

I am actually surprised that the netspace hasn’t just tanked. Most people are pretty diligent farmers. :+1:t2:

One theory I have is that since Hpool uses their own client, they have to update their client and their whole network has to update.


That’s a very plausible theory.