New Discord for farmers about 1PiB and Growing

Hello guys.
I am a 4PiB farmer and have a couple of friends with similar setups.

We have noticed our farms are different in many ways to other smaller farms. We created a small growing discord and our goal is having a cool, healthy and nice environment to discuss things to our specific stups.
We would like to discuss about the behaviour of the app in big farms (Farmer, Harvesters, plot times, CPU Consumption, the chia GUI and other components in the chia environment don’t behave in these farms the same way they behave in smaller farms)
We also would like to discuss about big farms setups, ROI (Share the hardware bought, buys in bulk with discounts, etc), electricity saving, monitoring, etc. We’ll be also sharing scripts and apps written for us and the community.

Another objective we have is to invite guys of the chia team (One of the farmers have done testing and have some contacts there), and help them with information about behaviours in these specific setups, wich will also allows to give and get some feedback from the chia team.

We also will have in the discord, expert guys with deep knowledge about Chia/Linux/Hardware Setup in order to help us with our farms.

Please, if you want to join, use this link:

Once you join to the discord, please share some thoughts, including your farm size, that way we’ll get to know each other better.

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Are those of us with under 1PB, but who are trying to grow to that size welcome as well?

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I’m collecting those ALU cans as fast as I can to get more drives :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

Call me cautious, but why create an account here just to encourage joining another channel to discuss chia when it could just as easily be discussed here.


Too many links to say the same thing! Keep it here folks, I know to drive home from here…

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You are welcome to join, even if you have 100Tb and are interested, just didn’t know if folks with smaller setups would be interested

You are welcome if you are interested in joining man, just didn’t know if folks with smaller setups would be interested

You are right in being cautious man, not a problem at all.
Just to be clear, there is nothing a person could do yo you, just by joining to a discord channel (We have admins that will be deleting/banning scams if they show up)
The main goal is have fun and a nice environment with people with similar farms (Everyone is welcome too)

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Did you see that Digital Spaceport already has a Discord with Chia/Storage/Server channels? Sounds like there’s a lot of overlap: maybe a good place to hang out?