New Hub for Chia Related Content

I wanted to share a new website with the community called Chia Guides. It’s run by two guys who have worked together in the SaaS industry for years now across consumer mobile apps, machine learning, and e-commerce, but have taken up an interest in blockchain technology over the past couple years. As relative beginners to the back-end operations of any blockchain, we started learning as much as we could and documenting our discovery along the way in a manner that might be instructive for beginners to educate themselves about Chia. Eventually we will be publishing illustrative step-by-step ‘Guides’ on topics like PC setups, Creating your first plot, Forecasting models, and more.

To kickoff we’re putting together a weekly digest of Chia that we thought the community might find of interest as awareness and PR grows. There’s no commitment to join, and we’ll never send anything promotional outside of our weekly digest. We’ve made the first edition available for free on the Blog, as well as a live update of trading platforms that make Chia available for transfer.

We’re just getting started, so we welcome all feedback to build an educational hub that provides value to the Chia community at all levels of expertise.

Our first published posts:

Weekly Chia Debrief

Chia Price Predictions - Market Cap Analysis

Live Listing of Chia Exchanges

Check out more here:

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